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What Can Colostrum6 & LimuZ6 Do For You?

The whole-body benefits can positively affect nearly every key area of human health!

Perfect Superfoods

A wellness combination like none other, we’ve taken the world’s two most perfect superfoods, Mother’s Milk from the Land, colostrum, and Mother’s Milk from the Sea, fucoidan to look and feel your best from the inside, out.

Gifts from the Sea

There are 70+ vital nutrients found in Laminaria Japonica, Fucoidan and Fucoxanthin. They support healthy gut and digestion function, healthy blood pressure levels and address other unbalanced chemical issues in the body.

Anti-Aging Benefits

The whole food HGH family found in colostrum has been shown to have a major impact on keeping you youthful and promotes less wrinkles, firmer skin, fuller hair, and stronger nails.

Healthy Immune Function

Encourage positive activity in the lymphatic and circulatory systems with colostrum. A balanced immune system is better able to defend itself against flus, colds, and allergies.

Brain & Cognitive Function

LimuZ6 promotes better memory, better focus by overcoming brain fog to provide absolute mental clarity.


Supports the body’s inflammatory mechanisms for enhanced relief and helps minimize discomfort associated with activity and joint aging.

Weight & Fat Burning

Helps suppress appetite and lead to bodyweight reduction by encouraging the “leptin factor,” that suppresses appetite and leads to bodyweight reduction.

Better Sleep & Focus

LimuZ6 promotes optimal cellular function, which boosts mental & physical energy.

Build Lean Muscle

Adaptogens in colostrum promote lean muscle for men and toned muscle for women. Growth factors drop off as we age, keep them at youthful levels with LimuZ that provides necessary growth factors to regenerate.

A Closer Look: What’s in LimuZ6?

The transformative benefits of Colostrum6 form the nutritional cornerstone of LimuZ6. But there is much more this leading product has to offer:


    Limu (L. Japonica) a powerful seaweed that contains 70+ vital nutrients These include the scientifically proven fucoidan and Fucoxanthin Also includes immune-supporting antioxidants, polyphenols, amino acids, glyconutrients, vitamins and minerals These proven nutrients promote healthy digestive function, support cardiovascular health, and can address other chemical imbalances in the body.


  • A unique, honeycomb-like cell structure that traps and binds with a variety of toxins, heavy metals, viral particles, and other impurities
  • Allows impurities to be removed safely from the body


    An amino acid that occurs naturally in the brain As we age natural levels of this vital amino acid diminish  Loss of cognitive function is common result Research shows that Acetyl-L-Carnitine has distinct positive impacts on various areas of human health—including heart health, weight control and memory/cognition challenges.


  • Contains antioxidants, fiber, and heart-healthy fats
  • Help protect cells from damage caused by harmful free radicals
  • Helps promote enhanced immune function

Two Weeks to a Better You

Try a Two Week Sampler
*Just pay $17.00 shipping & handling
*Limited quantities available

COLOSTRUM6: What Sets Us Apart

In nature, every newborn is given a special advantage to help it survive those first critical hours. For mammals, the advantage is a superfood known as colostrum. 

This substance is found in mother’s milk only for the first few hours after birth. 

Colostrum is so powerful that it sets the stage for newborn’s entire future, supercharging the immune system, firing up metabolism, and boosting tissue regeneration and repair.  And here’s the best part. Colostrum6 — Anovite’s cornerstone product — isn’t just any colostrum. 

Delivering 700+ unique and health-transformative components from the all-natural “Whole Food IGF-1 Super Anti-Aging Family” to the 100+ different immune factors, Colostrum6 can truly impact every cell and system in the body.

Anovite, which means “A New You” offers breakthrough products that can truly provide the solutions you’re looking for!”


Longer Life, Better Living

Today’s world threatens our health at every turn. 

From poor diets to environmental impurities to chronic stress, we need more help than ever to stay healthy, vibrant and strong.

But you may be searching for more—for solutions that can help you reach a new level of wellness. A new level of living. In short, a new you.

There’s good news! Anovite, which means “A New You,” offers a breakthrough product that can truly provide the solutions you’re looking for!

Two Weeks to a Better You

Try a Two Week Sampler
*Just pay $17.00 shipping & handling
*Limited quantities available

The Anovite Method-Inside, Out

Here's our philosophy...it's simple. If you want to look good and feel good on the outside, it starts on the inside. Anovite takes a holistic approach to anti-aging by addressing the factors that cause aging.”

“How is it possible to be ageless at any age?

Anovite’s products work synergistically together to regenerate what's been lost over time. Our cornerstone product, Colostrum6, is a rich source of immune and growth factors. So all that loss of HGH, collagen & growth factors that cause aging inside and out, are replenished with the natural growth factors found in colostrum.”

Real stories real people
what are others saying about limuz6?

Anovite means “A New You” — and there are thousands of people throughout the globe who are discovering a completely different life thanks to the company’s incredible LImuZ6 product. Here are just a few of these remarkable stories:

"Before I started Colostrum6 I had aches in my right arm, especially at night, along with numbness in both arms and hands which would keep me awake at night and caused issues throughout the day. I was so tired all day restless all night I was taking over-the-counter drugs during the day and at night. After about a week of taking Colostrum6, I noticed a difference and at the 2-3 week point, I had the "ah-ha" moment and I couldn’t believe my aches were gone during the day and at night! I now no trouble getting to sleep and feel refreshed in the morning with a lot of energy! Not only that but my skin is so much smoother and not blotchy. I’ feel better physically than I was 20 years ago. It’s truly amazing!

Tammy Heverling

“I have experienced bad headaches with sensitivity to light and sound since I was 6. On average, I’d have two of these aches a week and with 70% of them I threw up. Five years ago I tried a seaweed product that gave me major relief. I still would get bad headaches, especially when there was a change in the weather but over all I was able to function normally. Then I was introduced to Anovité and it’s products! BOOM!!! Major changes started happening to me! No aches at all!!! I have not experienced a headache this whole year! No atmospheric pressure, nothing!!!
Today I’m enjoying a pain free life thanks to Anovité and LimuZ6!”

Karon Weatherford

“My name is Matthew and I am a construction worker. My parents introduced me to Anovite and my wife who then continued to talk to me about it nonstop until I agreed to try it. I started drinking LimuZ6 three months ago because I was feeling sluggish. I noticed more energy and drive and stopped drinking 6-8 energy drinks a day as a result. I also felt, from day one on LimuZ6, I was able to focus again which is something I have struggled with since I was a kid!”

Matthew Clarke

“About 12 years ago my health started to decline. I was at a very low point in my health journey. I am so Thankful for Pam McCammack who helped me to detox a lot of the damage done by the traditional treatments but I was still looking for relief from so many other reoccurring issues like fatigue, brain fog, and my anxiety. Another friend of mine, Robin Orth, offered me a free sample pack of Colostrum6 and Limuz6... have to be honest, I really didn’t think it was going to help after having tried so many things to rebuild my immune system but after about 2 months of taking Colostrum6 and Limuz6, I was beginning to have hope that I could get my quality of life back! Now, After 3 years on Colostrum6 and LimuZ6, All of my symptoms are gone! The benefits did happen in layers, so be patient and it will be worth it! These products have significantly helped my husband and I! He was also struggling with knee issues, aches and trouble sleeping on a daily basis until starting with Colostrum6 and LimuZ6 - he even canceled his knee surgery! Thanks to Dr. Kleinsmith and Anovite!”

Beth Ober

"I am a family physician from Bradenton, Florida and I have been using 6-hour Bovine Colostrum food supplement for many of my patients. I am very pleased with the results that I am getting as it has helped my patients in so many ways. Helping to improve the quality of life for my patients by providing a healthy non-chemical alternative for good health and wellbeing. I strongly recommend 6-hour Bovine Colostrum food supplement and Limuz6!"

Dr. Daniel Amoah

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